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Keyword marketing will be one of the most important skills you will learn if you want to be successful online. As an online business owner, no matter what type of business you have online, your primary job will be to make sure that your website receives enough targeted traffic so you can make money. 

Keyword Marketing For Online Business

Since not everyone who comes to your site will make a purchase (though you can increase this number by making sure your website is set up in such a way as to get a lot of conversions), you need to get a lot of visitors. 

Now “a lot” is kind of vague, I know. A lot for one online business, maybe 1,000 a month but a lot for another might be 20,000 a month. How many visitors you will need to make as much money as you want depends on many factors such as how competitive your niche is, how well your website is laid out, how interesting your sales letter is, the price point of your product, etc. 

After a short amount of time, you will pinpoint your conversion rates (the number of visitors who purchase from your site), and from that point on, you can determine how much traffic you need to get every month. 

It would be best to rely on several traffic methods to get the most out of your keyword marketing efforts. Most online marketing experts agree that you should have anywhere from 3 to 5 successful online traffic methods going at all times. 

Now, one word of caution, don’t set up 3 – 5 methods of getting traffic simultaneously. If you do, you will get overwhelmed. Instead, focus on one method first, perfect it and then move on to find another method. Keep doing this until you have all the traffic you need to make all the sales you want to make. 

Here are some of the most common methods you can use for keyword marketing and the pros and cons of each:

  • 1. Article marketing. This is a process where you write (or hire someone to write) articles that are optimized with the keywords you’ve gotten for your niche. This method is free and easy to do, but on the downside, you will need a lot of articles in circulation to give you any real traffic. 
  • 2. Search Engine Optimization. This method is all about getting the search engines to “see” your website. By placing relevant, targeted keywords on your website in certain areas, you will appear to the search engines. This method is free and fairly easy in its simplest form, but it can get quite complicated if you want to go in-depth. 
  • 3. Pay Per Click. This is the method where you place ads that will appear on the search results page. You know, I searched and have seen the ads that appear at the top and down the side of the results page. Other online marketers paid for these ads. As the name implies, you will only pay if someone clicks on your ad. 

The downside to this method is that it involves a fairly complicated method of bidding on keywords. 

The amount you may have to pay for a particular keyword can vary because of many factors, such as the quality score the search engines have given your ad. Yes, if it sounds confusing, it is, and since you will pay while you are learning, this method of keyword marketing is better used by those already making some money online.

Google Keyword Search

Knowing what Google keyword search statistics can tell you about the keywords used in local monthly and global monthly searches. This type of information can help such as:

  • A. Structuring your account. You can make an ad group with a keyword that generates a lot of traffic for you. This will allow you to fine-tune the written content on your squeeze page to that keyword.
  • B. Planning your budget. Figure out how much traffic your keyword gets so you can put enough money towards it.
  • C. Choosing keywords. Choose quality keywords that will turn the leads you get into conversions.
  • D. Research fluctuations in traffic. This is important because web traffic to your keywords is constantly changing because of the time of year, what’s going on in the world, and many other reasons, to stay on top of this research.
  • E. Targeting Location and Language. If you have structured your account with an ad group, the keyword tool will consider the country and the language in the Local Monthly Searches column. The Global Monthly Searches column takes these into account all the time.
  • F. Keyword match selection. If you choose Broad or Phrase for your match type, then Google Keyword Search will show alternate keywords related to your original one that may help trigger your ads.
  • G. Local Monthly Searches and Global Monthly Searches. Give about 12 month average of how many times someone searches for your keyword.

Your business is all about the keywords you choose. They are the basis of how your customers find your website and you make sales or not. The keywords you choose will help you get ranked high on the search engine results page and get your ad seen by many searchers. This is called getting traffic. You need the traffic to get sales, and it’s that simple.

Spend some time creating a keyword list. This may take some time, but if you find just the right keyword, it could mean a significant boost to your bottom line. The best advice I can give you about coming up with keywords is to think as your customers do.

Choose words or phrases that you think someone would use to search for your product or service. With the right keywords, your ads will get clicks from those looking for your specific product or service.

You may have to dig down deep to find just the right keyword. Some keywords may bring you a lot of traffic but few conversions. These are not the keywords you want. Do not be too broad in your keyword selection. Fine-tune your keywords, so you get targeted results.

When you have a good basic list of good keywords, then you can take those keywords and find maybe even better variations of them. Try using the plural form of your keyword or maybe some slang terms or different spellings; who knows, it might just be a little gold mine for you.

Google keyword search and writing a great ad should work together to improving your bottom line significantly.

Keyword Marketing Tool

To drive traffic to your website to make money, you will need to use keywords. A good keyword list can be like money in the bank, but it’s tedious to compile a good keyword list. After all, it’s not just about finding keywords in your niche that get many searches; there is a lot more information you need. To help automate and speed up building a keyword list, you can use a keyword marketing tool.

These software programs will allow you to customize what keywords you want to add to your list, all on autopilot. But, even with a keyword marketing tool, there are still many options you can choose from.

Some of these programs are quite basic and will only provide you with the most preliminary information. On the positive side, the more basic the tool, the less it will cost you. This can provide a great alternative to anyone just starting and has a very limited budget.

If all you want is just a basic list of keywords that provide you with basic information, such as the number of monthly searches and level of competition, you can even use the free Google keyword tool.

As you put together your list, remember that you don’t want to target the keywords that get huge monthly searches. I know this may sound counterintuitive, but the keywords that get many searches are very competitive, and it isn’t easy to rank well for them.

Those keywords are usually beneficial only to the big companies with full-time staff doing their keyword and marketing research. A little guy can’t compete.

But why bother trying to compete on the overly competitive keywords when you can get a nice long list of great keywords that still get a lot of traffic but don’t have nearly as much competition?

When you are ready to move up and your marketing skills have increased, you need more information about each keyword you add to your list, and you can find many keyword programs that give you all the information you could ever use.

Of course, with all this functionality does come to a price tag. There are several of these highly detailed keyword software programs on the market today, and before you make a purchase, take time to compare them side by side to find the one that offers you the best combination of features and price.

Another thing to consider before you buy is the quality of the customer service should you have any problems or questions. A good way to find unbiased information on the programs you are considering is to visit internet marketing forums and ask.

Many of the people who participate in the forums have used this type of software and can provide you with some insight into which one works best for them.

While this can be helpful, it’s all about what you want, need, can afford, and feel comfortable with. Many of these programs will allow you to use them for a short period before you buy to see if you like them. That is always a good idea.

Keyword research will be a big part of your online business; getting a keyword marketing tool that can automate the process will save you time and free you up to do other things… like go to the beach!

SEO and Internet Marketing Google Digital Unlocked Digital Web Solutions

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SEO and Internet Marketing Google Digital Unlocked Digital Web Solutions

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