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What is Service Business?

What is service business? This is an interesting question in many ways. Service business, in fact, has become the catchall title for many of the newer sub-categories that have evolved over time. But the term “service” itself is rather vague, so we will narrow the scope a bit here.

Service businesses are recognisable sub-set of commercial activities, and share some of their distinguishing features. The key difference is that services businesses are primarily concerned with the construction of new service systems to serve their clients and to behave in the unique roles of both service consumer and service provider. Many modern businesses have gone through this process already, but others have not. Service businesses therefore offer the services of many different kinds of businesses. Some of these are: financial consultancies, law firms, hospitals, consulting agencies, information technology consultancies, retail industry, engineering companies, media sales, manufacturing and distribution, universities, governments and even international charities.

What is service business also suggests that there are many different kinds of activities happening under the umbrella. Broadly speaking, the business services offered are divided into three major types. They can be: human resources, knowledge creation and engineering. Of course, human resources constitute the primary activity of all businesses, although some activities can also take place within these categories. Knowledge creation and engineering are related, but have their own, separate category.

The most important characteristic of service businesses include customer service. People depend upon many aspects of a business in order to make buying decisions, retain customers or increase sales. Thus it is necessary to be able to offer services which people find easy to provide and can fully comprehend. Many service businesses include services like financial planning, payroll preparation, tax filing, retirement plans and so on. Others may offer marketing, networking, information technology, contract management or human resources. Knowledge creation is crucial to any business, since it refers to creating new products, discovering new information or developing old knowledge.

Customers can usually tell a lot about a service business. In fact, this characteristic is very important when trying to draw in new clients and retain existing ones. It would be an insult to your clients’ intelligence if you offered them mediocre products, services or deals. That is why it is necessary to develop good customer information policies. Good customer information policies should include: How and where you collect your customer information, the confidentiality of this information and whether you use online or offline sources when processing customer data. Also, you must have a way to process refund requests, keep customer records, and so on.

Satisfaction is another important aspect of customer service. Satisfied customers will talk about your company to friends and family, spread the word about your services and recommend your company to others. However, unsatisfied customers are unlikely to do so. Therefore, you must keep in mind that every aspect of your business has an impact on customer satisfaction. This includes the quality of products or services, how they are delivered, the timeliness of delivery, how well they are trained or dealt with, the customer service they receive, the price they pay, customer support or help and other factors.

You must also develop internal mechanisms to ensure that all aspects of your business are managed as efficiently as possible. Some service businesses include computer software to manage the day-to-day operations of the business. This includes billing, payment, procurement, scheduling and so on. Other service businesses include a system to track customer service requests and respond promptly. One service business may include training for the staff. Another may include a system to maintain the company’s human resource department.

An information system to track orders, transactions, information and assets such as technology and documentation systems provides critical input to any service business. It may also simplify and streamline internal processes. As a result, an information system for service businesses helps increase productivity, reduce costs, improve service quality and enhance service to your clients.

What is Service Business?

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